Pre-Order Information

Collections Available for Pre-Order

 We will accept a limited number of pre-orders for collections that are coming soon.  Please read and agree to the terms below before placing a pre-order with us.



Occasionally fabric manufacturers fail to fill an entire order and one or more bolts might be on back order or be short on yardage. In this case you will be contacted and we will give you the option to either wait for the back ordered pieces or have the majority shipped right away and pay for shipping when the rest comes.

With Tilda Pre-orders a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. The last half and shipping will be charged when the fabric arrives. Please be certain to use an email address where you can be contacted.

All dates are subject to change as they are estimates that we get from the manufacturers. Sometimes these estimates can be off by as much as 3 months.  Be assured that we will ship your fabric as soon as it arrives to us. 


To Place a Pre-Order:

Simply order from our collection page as you would with any other item. When the fabric arrives it will be cut in the order that your order was received and shipped as soon as possible.  Please do not mix a pre-order with another pre-ordered collection or a regular order. If this occurs we will have to email you and charge you for the extra shipping. We can't hold orders for shipping with a pre-order due to space constraints. 

Coupon Codes do not apply to pre-orders. Please make a separate order for regular merchandise.

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